Add Tools

Add a link

Add a simplified field notation

Add or edit Document level JavaScript

Add or edit Folder level JavaScript

Add or edit custom calculation JavaScript

Add or edit notes

Add or edit text

Adjust the zoom level

Align form fields to a grid

Annotate with text mark-up tools

Annotation layer and content layer

App object


Arrange images

Assemble pages

Attach a file

Attach files as annotations

Attachments Pane

Automatic page number links

Batch Processing

Bates Numbers


Calculate field data

Certificate security

Certify PDF files

Change image color space

Change the page view

Color object

Combine comments from multiple files

Combine files and assemble pages

Combine files to PDF

Comments Pane

Compare PDF Files

Compatibility with other applications

Console object

Convert Microsoft Excel file to PDF

Convert Microsoft Office Files to PDF from Microsoft Office Applications

Convert Microsoft Outlook Emails to PDF

Convert Microsoft PowerPoint file to PDF

Convert Microsoft Word file to PDF

Convert PDF to Image

Convert PDF to Microsoft Excel

Convert PDF to Microsoft PowerPoint

Convert PDF to Microsoft Word

Convert PDF to Rich Text

Convert PDF to plain text

Copy and paste JavaScripts

Create PDF from Scanner

Create PDF from a file

Create a PDF

Create a PDF A file

Create a PDF from the Clipboard or screen captures

Create a barcode field

Create a bookmark

Create a check box field

Create a combo box field

Create a digital signature field

Create a list box field

Create a push button field

Create a radio button field

Create a text field

Create bookmarks automatically

Create forms

Create keyword links automatically

Create multiple fields

Create web links from URLs

Crop or resize pages

Customize signature appearance

Customize the user interface

Delete an image

Delete pages

Digital IDs

Digital signature timestamp

Digital signatures

Digitally sign a document

Document information and metadata

Document properties

Document security


Edit a bookmark

Edit a link

Edit, align and space multiple fields

Embedded fonts

Event object


Explore the user interface

Export from PDF

Extract all images

Extract an image

Extract pages

Field object

Fill out and save forms


Form design

Form field attributes

Form field controls

Getting Started

Getting Started guide

Global object

Headers and footers

Hide or show all comments

Identity object

Image compression settings

Image optimization settings


Import and export form data

Initial View properties

Insert an image

Insert pages

Integrated PDF Creation


JavaScript security

Link object


Locate JavaScripts

Manage Digital IDs

Manage Trusted Contacts

Manage and view comments

Markup with drawing tools


Microsoft Office add-in settings

Microsoft RMS

Minimize the Ribbon

Multiple documents in parallel view

Navigation panes

Nitro Cloud

Nitro PDF Creator Preferences

Nitro PDF web browser plugin

OCG object


OCR Preferences

OCR a printed document with Create PDF from Scanner

OCR an existing PDF

Obtaining help

Online Storage Integrations

Online help

Open a PDF file

Open and save files to a WebDAV location

Open and save files to a document management system (DMS)

Optimize a PDF file

Output Pane

PDF portfolio

PDF to Word and RTF Export Settings

Page through the document

Partner Plugins

Password security

Permission settings


Preview PDF Files

Print PDF documents

Print to Nitro PDF Creator


Remove metadata

Reorder pages

Replace images

Reply to comment

Reset form data

Resize and crop images

Reuse form field appearance settings

Review and comment

Ribbon shortcuts

Rotate pages

Save a PDF document

Scanning and OCR

Search and find text


Security profiles

Select and copy text and images P

Send PDF documents by email

Set tab order

Show or hide fields

Sort comments

Split by page ranges

Split into bookmarks

Split into groups of pages

Split pages

Stamp your signature with QuickSign

Submit form data

Summarize comments

Support Tools

Supported JavaScript Objects

Tasks and tools

Text boxes and call outs

The Layers Pane

The Quick Access Toolbar

This object

Troubleshoot OCR

Undo and redo actions

Use the JavaScript console

Util object

View Documents in Multiple Windows

View and navigate a PDF file

View and use bookmarks

View and validate certificates and signatures

View output and JavaScript errors

Watermarks and backgrounds



Working with forms